Monday, September 28, 2009

Musing No. 33 - Waterfall

He gently parts my smooth lips to reveal the delicate pink skin within. I can feel my clit begin to pulsate and throb at the thought of his impending touch. He is taking his time. Tension builds as he gently kisses my inner thighs, occasionally biting softly which sends a shock of electricity through my body.

He moves down again paying delicate attention to my now aching pussy. Gently caressing the outer portions with his soft wet tongue. Gently teasing me with little flicks, careful to not yet touch the now wet inner lips and swollen clit. He wants to make me beg for it.

I succumb to his wishes. Softly at first and then more loudly and urgently…begging him for more. Suddenly his tongue is pressed firmly against my engorged clit. He continues to caress my clit with long firm strokes of his tongue. I can feel the tingling sensation throughout my body as I come closer and closer to the brink. Just as I begin to cum he buries his tongue deep within my pussy sending me into waves of intense orgasm. I catch a glimpse of his face and recognize the familiar look of satisfaction as he lavishes my juices.

As the waves of intense feeling begin to slow he begins again. This time gently pressing his fingers within my cunt. Two fingers at first. Gently pressing against the inner folds of my pussy as he inserts another finger. Gently and slowly until he has 4 digits within my now dripping pussy. The mere thought of him slowly stretching and filling my tight little cunt makes me even more aroused. When the realization hits that he is going to slide his thumb inside me, my euphoria is briefly interrupted by slight panic.

He hushes my soft protests with a long passionate kiss as he continues to press inside me. I feel a sudden rush of excitement and intense arousal at the knowledge that he is fisting me. He begins to press against that little mound of pleasure within me. I can feel the pressure building. I can feel my pussy stretched and aching for more. I begin fervently rubbing my throbbing clit. Suddenly I feel a rush of energy as I cum; my juices spraying like a waterfall of orgasm as my body writhes with intense pleasure.

The walls of my stretched pussy squeeze his wrist as my juices drip from his hands and down my inner thighs. My body spent from pure ecstasy, I lie there quivering in sheer pleasure, the familiar look of satisfaction on my face.

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