Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musing No. 30 - Craigslist

I have never had the best of luck with Craigslist. I have posted a couple of ads in the past but little if anything came of it. You must first weed through the numerous spam and bots to find the few legitimate responses. Typically I peruse the W4W, MW4W, and W4MW sections. Notice you do not see a M4W or W4M section listed. I tend to become frustrated with single men who send pushy messages wanting to get together while their wifey-pooh is out of town. Unless wifey is going to join in or by some miracle you have grown a vulva in the last few minutes don’t bother me. Don’t get me wrong I love cock but I have a marvellous cock at home to play with any time I please; so it is pussy that gets my attention.

That being said I am attempting, rather unsuccessfully, not to get my hopes up about a prospective lover that I found via Craigslist. I answered an ad of a woman looking to fulfill a fantasy to play with a couple. She has never been with a woman which, is surprisingly a huge turn on. Typically I shy away from inexperienced women because of a few bad experiences with ‘fuckers remorse‘. However, for whatever reason the thought of being a teacher to an eager student is quite enticing.

We are still in the early conversations of discerning if we are compatible; a process that can take a bit more time for a first-timer. It could go anywhere from here. However, regardless of the outcome it feels good to slowly get back into the swing of things, so to speak.

Stay tuned…

***I wrote this yesterday evening and have since made contact with another prospective lover via Craigslist. Perhaps the Craigslist Gods have decided to show pity on me and throw a bone or two my way. Regardless I am excited at the prospect because this particular woman is looking for a 'girlfriend' as well as a playmate, which is more to my liking. It also seems, thus far, that we have a good deal in common both in and out of the bedroom. We shall see...

Also, my Sexual Bucket List is finally up! Go here to keep up with my tally of sexual exploits and debauchery.

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