Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Musing No. 34 - TMI Tuesday

1. Have you used put anything edible on (or in) your partner's body and then eaten it?
No. This is one of the few things I’m a bit nutty about. I have a huge aversion to being sticky. So, as hot as it may be to some, just the thought of something edible which would then become sticky is a huge turn off, much to my hubby’s chagrin.

2. Have you ever had an AIDS test due to reasonable suspicion or hyperactive imagination?
Thankfully no. I do get tested regularly but thankfully I’ve never had a scary moment.

3. Have you ever fantasized about someone else other than your partner while you were engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation?
Sure. Hubby and I include a lot of dirty talk and fantasizing in our repertoire which of course can include other people. Also, if we are playing with another couple seeing Hubby give and receive pleasure is a huge turn on for me so I let my mind run with it.

4. Have you ever engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation while in a moving car? A car being driven by someone not engaged in the sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation?
Yes, yes and yes. Ahhh…the memories. lol Let’s see…I have given head many times while the guy is driving. I have played with my girlfriend in the back seat while her Hubby was driving and my Hubby was in the passenger seat. I have had sex in the back seat while someone else was driving. I have masturbated many many many times in the front seat while Hubby drives (this is especially nice on a long road trip). Hubby often participates depending upon his mood (sometimes he enjoys being a voyeur). The only thing I haven’t done is received head while I was driving which I think logistically would be pretty difficult.

5. Have you ever had sex so many times or for so long that one or both people involved runs dry?
I am a lucky girl to be able to answer YES! I have had some pretty amazing fuck fests where when we are finally done we are all on the brink of dehydration and our sensitive bits are a bit raw the following morning.

Bonus (as in optional): Name 5 things an unplanned (or planned) visitor would find in your bedroom?
1. Condoms (Safety first!)
2. Glass dildo
3. Strap-on
4. Vibrating Egg
5. Restraints

TMI Tuesday

Monday, September 28, 2009

Musing No. 33 - Waterfall

He gently parts my smooth lips to reveal the delicate pink skin within. I can feel my clit begin to pulsate and throb at the thought of his impending touch. He is taking his time. Tension builds as he gently kisses my inner thighs, occasionally biting softly which sends a shock of electricity through my body.

He moves down again paying delicate attention to my now aching pussy. Gently caressing the outer portions with his soft wet tongue. Gently teasing me with little flicks, careful to not yet touch the now wet inner lips and swollen clit. He wants to make me beg for it.

I succumb to his wishes. Softly at first and then more loudly and urgently…begging him for more. Suddenly his tongue is pressed firmly against my engorged clit. He continues to caress my clit with long firm strokes of his tongue. I can feel the tingling sensation throughout my body as I come closer and closer to the brink. Just as I begin to cum he buries his tongue deep within my pussy sending me into waves of intense orgasm. I catch a glimpse of his face and recognize the familiar look of satisfaction as he lavishes my juices.

As the waves of intense feeling begin to slow he begins again. This time gently pressing his fingers within my cunt. Two fingers at first. Gently pressing against the inner folds of my pussy as he inserts another finger. Gently and slowly until he has 4 digits within my now dripping pussy. The mere thought of him slowly stretching and filling my tight little cunt makes me even more aroused. When the realization hits that he is going to slide his thumb inside me, my euphoria is briefly interrupted by slight panic.

He hushes my soft protests with a long passionate kiss as he continues to press inside me. I feel a sudden rush of excitement and intense arousal at the knowledge that he is fisting me. He begins to press against that little mound of pleasure within me. I can feel the pressure building. I can feel my pussy stretched and aching for more. I begin fervently rubbing my throbbing clit. Suddenly I feel a rush of energy as I cum; my juices spraying like a waterfall of orgasm as my body writhes with intense pleasure.

The walls of my stretched pussy squeeze his wrist as my juices drip from his hands and down my inner thighs. My body spent from pure ecstasy, I lie there quivering in sheer pleasure, the familiar look of satisfaction on my face.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Musing No. 32 - In The Closet

A fellow sex blogger, Sexie Sadie, recently wrote about a Q&A session with her family regarding her open marriage. In all honesty this has me green with envy. I do not necessarily wish to share the specifics with my family however it would be lovely to feel that there could be some manner of openness about who I am.

My family is ultra conservative and ultra judgmental. My sister firmly believes that if one is gay or bi-sexual then you are more apt to molest children. Clearly I am not going to share my affinity for the fairer sex if I ever want to be left alone with my nephew. My mother is pretty much anti sex of any kind. She believes porn is disgusting. She thinks PDA’s are inappropriate. She also firmly believes that if you find another person sexually appealing or attractive then it in some way diminishes your feelings toward your partner and as such is ‘cheating‘. Can you imagine how carefully Hubby and I are to not make it too visible that we’ve noticed a sexy man or woman pass by?

This has always been a source of contention for me. Even in my formative years I disputed their closed minded beliefs. However, now that I have a child of my own these beliefs are much more prevalent in my thoughts. Hubby and I plan to raise our daughter that ‘alternative’ relationships are valid and do work, homosexual relationships are not ‘wrong’ and that we will love, accept and embrace her regardless of what her sexual orientation may be. While we are still unsure how much or when we will clue her in on our own "arrangement", I certainly do not want her to feel that a heterosexual monogamous relationship is the only path. Due to our differing belief system I cringe at the thought of the day when our daughter begins to, as all children eventually do, mimic the lessons we have interwoven into her every day life.

I am bracing myself for the day when my sister undoubtedly questions her son being able to play with our daughter because our beliefs may inadvertently rub off. Considering the fact that my sister and brother in-law will not so much as allow their son to wear pink or eat with a pink utensil because it could "make him gay" my hopes are not high.

I have made waves here or there when I think it will not create too much scandal; in part because of my rebellious nature and also to prepare them so I won’t have as much of a fuss when I stand my ground if they correct my child. They are aware that I believe homosexuals should be given the right to marry. They are aware that I believe plural marriage should be allowed. They are aware that I do not have any issues with Hubby going to the strip club with the guys (though they don’t know that I go as well). I have made mention of my friend whom is in a poly relationship and referenced how she and her girlfriend both have children with her hubby.

How freeing it would be to be able to be open and honest about who I am, to do something as simple as listing my sexual orientation on Facebook as bi-sexual. Unfortunately, it becomes more and more clear that unless I intend to completely alienate my family I will have to continue keep the greater park of my beliefs and lifestyle in the closet.

In a recent conversation my mother expressed her belief that a child who would not have otherwise been gay may ‘give it a try‘ if you put the seed in their mind. She believe this attraction is learned rather than being innate. So, whereby if you promote that homosexuality is ‘wrong’ then your child will be less likely to be gay. Considering this is exactly how I was raised and I am in fact very much bi-sexual I had to hold back a chuckle and the urge to ask my mom, “How’d that work out for ya?”

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musing No. 31 - HNT Erotica

Once you put your hand in the flame,
You can never be the same.
There's a certain satisfaction,
In a little bit of pain.

I can see you understand.
I can tell that you're the same.
If you're afraid, well rise above.
I only hurt the ones I love.


Musing No. 30 - Craigslist

I have never had the best of luck with Craigslist. I have posted a couple of ads in the past but little if anything came of it. You must first weed through the numerous spam and bots to find the few legitimate responses. Typically I peruse the W4W, MW4W, and W4MW sections. Notice you do not see a M4W or W4M section listed. I tend to become frustrated with single men who send pushy messages wanting to get together while their wifey-pooh is out of town. Unless wifey is going to join in or by some miracle you have grown a vulva in the last few minutes don’t bother me. Don’t get me wrong I love cock but I have a marvellous cock at home to play with any time I please; so it is pussy that gets my attention.

That being said I am attempting, rather unsuccessfully, not to get my hopes up about a prospective lover that I found via Craigslist. I answered an ad of a woman looking to fulfill a fantasy to play with a couple. She has never been with a woman which, is surprisingly a huge turn on. Typically I shy away from inexperienced women because of a few bad experiences with ‘fuckers remorse‘. However, for whatever reason the thought of being a teacher to an eager student is quite enticing.

We are still in the early conversations of discerning if we are compatible; a process that can take a bit more time for a first-timer. It could go anywhere from here. However, regardless of the outcome it feels good to slowly get back into the swing of things, so to speak.

Stay tuned…

***I wrote this yesterday evening and have since made contact with another prospective lover via Craigslist. Perhaps the Craigslist Gods have decided to show pity on me and throw a bone or two my way. Regardless I am excited at the prospect because this particular woman is looking for a 'girlfriend' as well as a playmate, which is more to my liking. It also seems, thus far, that we have a good deal in common both in and out of the bedroom. We shall see...

Also, my Sexual Bucket List is finally up! Go here to keep up with my tally of sexual exploits and debauchery.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Musing No. 29 - TMI Tuesday

1. You can flip a switch that will wipe any band or musical artist out of existence. Which one will it be?
Only one? Could I wipe out all the overly commercialized industry created groups that look like they are barely a day over 16? Jonas Brothers come to mind.

2. You seem to be having an excellent day because you just came across a hundred-dollar bill on the sidewalk. Holy crap, a hundred bucks! How are you gonna spend it?
Once I got past feeling a twinge of guilt wondering whose it could be, I might treat myself to a mani & pedi or massage.

3. Rufus appears out of nowhere with a time-traveling phone booth. You can go anytime in the PAST. What time are you traveling to and what are you going to do when you get there?
As cheese ball as it sounds, truthfully, the first thing that came to mind was my Honeymoon. We pulled our wedding together in two weeks and were equally pressed to determine our vacation spot. Vegas won out. We had an amazing time! It was truly a hedonistic. We fucked like rabbits, took sexy pictures, enjoyed massages, great food and fabulously erotic shows (I highly recommend Zumanity), got new tats and I won $500 on a quarter slot machine. Had it not been for a full day delay in the Chicago airport it would have been near perfect in all respects. I would love to do it all over again!

4. What is your favorite curse word?
Fuck. Fucker. Fuck It. Fuckity-fuck-fuck. Or of course, the ever favorite - FUCK ME! Ummm…yea, I have a sailor’s mouth at times which, I need to improve considering I have an emerging toddler learning to speak in my home.

5. You have the opportunity to sleep with the movie celebrity of your choice. We are talking no-strings-attached sex and it can only happen once. Who is the lucky celebrity of your choice?
Drew Barrymore. I have lusted after her for years, probably way back to when she flashed her beautiful tits on David Letterman. I think among other things her free spirit and comfort in her own skin is sexy as hell.

Bonus (as in optional):You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what's even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What's it gonna be?
Considering I am feeling the pinch lately because our budget is not what it once was, now that Hubby is in school full time, the first thing that came to mind was psychic powers so I could predict the winning Power Ball numbers. Wouldn’t we all?!?

TMI Tuesday

Monday, September 21, 2009

Musing No. 28 - Update: Weekend

I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after my weekend away with Hubby. As anticipated it was in deed just what the Dr. ordered. We enjoyed some shopping (though admittedly most was window shopping - college is expensive!), delicious food and good music. We had a lovely time just laughing and being ourselves. Of course we also enjoyed some pretty hot fucking time as well (more sexy details to come in the next few days). I felt for at least the weekend I could breath and let the stress and concerns that have been plaguing my mind slip away.

Beyond a revitalizing time for myself, Hubby and our relationship this was also an eye opener for me. Like a neon sign it became apparent that in the recent months I have spent much too much of my time concerned with what others have needed and/or wanted rather than what makes me happy. There are a number of issues I need to tackle but the most pressing is learning to set boundaries with my family. I have been so concerned with what my family thought of me or the possibility of hurting their feelings that I neglected not only Hubby and his wants and desires but mine as well. Not good. So, I must practice saying NO a great deal more. Not an easy task, especially for me, but a necessary one.

Interestingly enough I have noticed that some of my fellow Bloggers have been experiencing some manner of discourse in their lives as well recently. Is there something about this time of year or something in the air?!? If so I hope a strong stiff wind will breeze through to blow away the proverbial cobwebs. Or, I will settle for a strong stiff cock! *wink*

Friday, September 18, 2009

Musing No. 27- Just What The Dr. Ordered

Recently I wrote that I am feeling in a bit of a rut. My darling Hubby, attentive man that he is, took note of my frustrations of late. In his sweet attempt to rectify the situation surprised me this morning with a weekend getaway. So as soon as he is finished with classes this afternoon we are headed out on a little road trip.

This may be exactly what I needed. A weekend away with my sweetie sounds so decadent right now. No commitments. No family. Just us enjoying one another's company. Ahhhh....

We plan to eat some amazing BBQ, maybe enjoy some good Blues, and of course every woman's favorite past time; shopping. I am quite sure we will also dedicate significant time to exploring every naked inch of one another's body. I suspect I will be crossing a few items off of my Bucket List. .wink.

I hope everyone enjoys a fabulously sexy weekend. I know I will!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Musing No. 26 - HNT

On your knees and come to me.
I want you to show me how you please.
Take your hands and touch me there,
As you slowly remove my underwear.
Take your tongue and part my lips.
Use your hands to grab my hips.
Kiss and lick my pulsating flower,
The one your intent is to devour.
Take your time,
Don't go too fast,
I hate a man who cannot last.
Make me moan and make me scream.
Please don’t wake me from this dream.
My legs will quiver the closer I get,
Until finally I explode…


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Musing No. 25 - Stifled and Caged

I am feeling stifled…sexually, emotionally, spiritually. Either which way you say it I feel caged. I knew moving back to my small home town would be a challenge to say the least. However, its becoming to be a bigger problem for me than I initially anticipated. While I realize this is temporary, and I will eventually find my niche, the growing pains can be excruciating.

Beyond the fact that I feel closeted in a small town of closed minded conservatives I am also quite logistically close to my family (whom are also quite closed minded btw). Accompanied with their tendency to just ‘drop by’ it can cause issues. Such as was the case last week which, foiled my fun afternoon with hubby taking sexy HNT photos.

I am also missing my sexy fun friends. Unfortunately due to schedule conflicts I haven’t had much opportunity to get involved in the lifestyle here. Many of my previous fuck buddies have either moved away or no longer ‘playing’. At the risk of sounding conceited I might add that the players here are not exactly my cup of tea in both physicalities and style. If most of your photos are flashing your tits in your camo hunting gear it’s safe to say we aren’t compatible. I like soft, sensual, feminine women not husky, masculine beer guzzling broads. Or as hubby would refer to them as “mouth breathers” (you know the type.. Mouth agape, glazed over look and their raspy heavy breath can be heard from across the room) *sigh*

Also I must admit that I am somewhat jealous of Hubby. I do not mean a mean-spirited vindictive jealousy. Perhaps envious is more appropriate. Though I am immensely happy for Hubby and proud of his accomplishments I am envious of Hubby ‘s return to school. While I understand he is doing this not only for himself but for us and our family’s future let’s face it learning and growing as a person is fun. Perhaps it is because I am feeling stifled in other areas I feel that I am being left behind in some sense in regards to personal growth.

However temporary my current state of mind may be I hate being the ‘grumpy gus’. I miss the fun, sexy, flirtatious and free spirited girl that is Eva. Unfortunately I do not have a nice neat bow to wrap around this blog to sum up my current dilemma into something upbeat. In order to do that I need to get my ass in gear and make some changes so that I feel better about my life and the goings on within it.

I will get there…

Musing No. 24 - TMI Tuesday

1. Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the without anything steamy happening? (Opposite sex for breeders, same sex for homosexuals).
Beyond family & my baby girl I can’t think of anyone. If you’ve been in my bed…I’ve fucked you.

2. Have you ever streaked, flashed, or otherwise partially or totally exposed yourself in public before (or after) an informal, unofficial gathering of people?
YES! It’s pretty much the norm for a swinger party. Of course there is the annual camping trip which is basically a week-long naked orgy.

3. Have you had dates with multiple people in the same weekend (or consecutive nights or the same night) while not all of your dates were aware of your actions?
Hmmm…nope, not really. Well, I have met up with one lover and then another lover the following day but of course it’s assumed that I may have more than one lover. I don’t necessarily kiss and tell but I’m not secretive in a deceitful way either.

4. What is the most "romantic" you have ever gotten in a movie theater?
I’m not an exhibitionist in the vanilla world. The thought of getting caught by others who are not like minded is not a turn on for me. So…I gave one of my first boyfriends a very quick blowjob back in the day. Beyond that I’ll stick to discrete touching and petting. However…the thought of another woman going down on me is appealing. Perhaps that is something I should add to my Bucket List?

5. Have you ever had sex when you knew a non-participating adult was watching?
Yes! One evening I met with a couple at one of the popular swinger clubs. Though I loath it, I tend to be a bit shy and inhibited when in new surroundings. I’ve attempted to evolve past this initial shyness, but…

The club’s first floor is for dancing, drinks and mingling. The back rooms and second floor are designed for more intimate encounters. After a few drinks and flirtatious conversation we decided to make our way upstairs. The apparent orgy taking place was intoxicating. In the first room there was a petite woman riding a man in her pussy while another was behind fucking her ass. Very hot!

We stepped past the intertwined bodies and moved upstairs to a quiet corner room where two women were fucking on a sofa. We enjoyed the show for a few moments and then my girlfriend led me to an empty chair and proceeded to lift my skirt as I sat down. With her expert tongue on my clit my insecurities and inhibitions soon vanished and were replaced with soft moans.

On her knees she continued to lavish my pussy until I came so hard I began to writhe in the chair and scream in delight. My moans and screams peaked the curiosity of others within the club and soon this tiny little room, which only had room for a sofa and chair, was packed full of onlookers.

My girlfriend then directed her hubby to take my place in the chair. I spent the remainder of the evening impaled on his big beautiful cock. It wasn’t until we were finished and I was satiated that I realized the crowed I had drawn with my screams of ecstasy. However, in that moment of blissful orgasm-induced utopia I didn’t care. Though I did manage a blushed giggle.

TMI Tuesday

Monday, September 14, 2009

Musing No. 23 - Sexual Bucket List

Our 30 Day Fuck Challenge has inspired me - inspired me to push beyond my comfort zone and to try new things. The mental exploration of experimentation has evolved and morphed into a bucket list of sorts. A Sexual Bucket List; those dirty little thoughts and desires deep within the recesses of my psyche.

I anticipate in the upcoming days I will have formed, what is currently simple brainstorming, into a tangible list. Perhaps this will also provide renewed inspiration and material for my HNT as well. Isn’t the mind a deliciously dirty and wonderful thing?!?

Stay tuned…

Musing No. 22 - Thirty Days of FUCKING!

Hubby and I have always had great chemistry sexually. Our sexual relationship has been very passionate from the moment we met. It was somewhat of a struggle to keep our libido‘s in check so that we could also focus on evolving our emotional relationship.

However, sometimes the stuff of life can produce roadblocks. This has been the case more so than we would like in the last year. It is anticipated and expected when you have a baby a couple’s time for intimacy will be directly affected. When coupled with other stressors such as moving and hubby returning to school it can have a noticeable impact.

We are by far ahead of the curve. We enjoy a good fucking at least a few times a week. We have maintained our outside sexual relationships to some degree (these have of course been affected both by having an infant in the home and more recently by our move out of state). Most importantly we still have that passion, are in sync, and it still feels fucking amazing.

However, we realize it can be a slippery slope. Along with other aspects of your relationship, passion can easily fall by the way side. Hubby and I are aware that if we are not diligent we could easily slip into a rut.

Truthfully we simply are not where we would like to be within the sexual and intimate side of our relationship. We have allowed outside influences to sneak up on us. While our expectations are not unrealistic, the days of fucking 2 to 3 times a day will have to be put on hold until our daughter is older, we could use a jolt in the frequency department.

With that being said, we have determined to fuck at least once daily for the next 30 days. Also, just to add a twist and supercharge our fuck fest we are focusing on delving into new fantasies and experiences.

I know we are both UP for the challenge! *Wink*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Musing No. 21 - TMI Tuesday

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend!  XOXO

1) If you were to only live until the age of 50, how would you live your life differently?

Truthfully I can't say that I would live my life any differently.  Life experience has taught me life is very precious and should never be taken for granted.  If anything it would only reaffirm my resolve in recent years to design my own life and live it to the fullest.

2) Are you settling in your job/career?

Yes, I am.  My employer allows me the luxury of working from home.  While the position itself is not challenging it is well worth the sacrifice to be able to spend every day with my daughter.  

3) Are you settling with your significant other?

No.  My husband is not perfect, no one person is, and of course we have our share of challenges.  However, I am blessed to have found a person who shares a mutual respect and adoration and allows one another to be themselves without judgement.  I count myself lucky!

4) How important is your family?

My family is my rock and I value them beyond words.  

5) If you caught a neighbor peeping in at you while you were naked or having sex, would you close the blinds? (assuming you live in a city and can see into other buildings).

Stop a perfectly good fuck fest?!?  Uh....no!  All I have to say is, "Enjoy the show!"

TMI Tuesday

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Musing No. 20 - HNT


Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

~Maya Angelou